Creating Shapely Arms-Ladies
Creating Shapely Arms-Ladies

Muscle Group:

Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders


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Cable Machine-dumbbells-

Creating great looking arms starts with proper nutrition for your body type and picking the right exercises to shape them. You’ll want a combination of strength building, high reps, and squeezing techniques to accomplish your goal.


[dt_sc_h3]Detailed Workout Plan[/dt_sc_h3]

Start off with the barbell to build up the muscle and switch up to dumb bells to balance out the arms. You can do 3 to 4 sets of  5 -10 reps to build.

High repetitions are a great way to tone and to develop stamina. I personally enjoy taxing the muscle group with a couple of high rep sets.
Shaping the arms to get that separation look takes time and patience. You must focus on both movements (the contraction on the way up and the negative on the way down). You’ll need to squeeze at the top and bottom of the movement (holding it for a count of 2 seconds). Machines are also great at shaping the arms.
The muscle groups to work on are “Biceps, Triceps, Front-Mid-Rear Delts.

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