Walking Lunges
Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

Muscle Group:

Glutes, Front Thighs, Hamstrings, Inner/Outer Thighs, Hip Flexor's, Calf's and Core


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Bar, or Dumbbells

Lunges – lunges are one of the best leg workouts you can do. it involves glutes, front quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs  and calf’s as well as the core ( especially for walking lunges). When you incorporate lunges into your workout you need to make sure that your legs are warmed up and knees joints have been properly stretched too. First, start off  with stationery lunges so you can get your balance and technique together, because technique is very important so that you incorporate all the muscle groups that is involve in this exercise. Second, you don’t want to over stress your knees by hyper-extending them, (look at the first picture) and your lower back, so posture is key.

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Detailed Workout Plan


Warming up is important to do , most people do lunges last in their workout routine so theirs are properly warmed up, but if you want to do Lunges first make sure you do cardiovasular workout first and then some lite stretching before you start.

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Dumb bells, Weighted Bar or Just a Bar –  its a personal chocie for each person, but you should start out light with the Bar and then increase the weight for each set.

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Stretching should be done before you start then after each set, make sure you stretch your calf’s, a hamstring stretch and front quadriceps stretching to keep the front Hip Flexors lose and don’t forget to stretch out the Inner thighs as well too.

Have fun Training!.

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