So you want to begin a Fitness regiment?

First get a green light from your Medical Physician, then make sure you ask your doctor if he has any recommendation on how to start. If they give you the green light , now its time to do your research on if you want to be in the gym or outside, or just start out just walking. Just make sure to start out slowly and allow your body to adjust and adapt. Now lets say you want to go to the gym, make sure you ask questions because you really don’t want to just start out going and doing everything without the any idea on what you are doing. There should never be any ego in your fitness regiment so don’t be afraid to ask questions with their staff, if you want to begin a healthier life. here is a suggestion if you want a trainer make sure the trainer has a lot of experience and knowledge, unfortunately a lot of gyms have high turnout rates of trainers who are here today and gone tomorrow. So be wise and don’t rush into getting a trainer, ask for opinions from the members not just from the staff because sometimes the staff can be bias, so i find that if you ask the members they are more likely to be honest with you.

Now lets talk a little about eating, first! eating healthy is very important for changing and getting more healthy and fit. For starters lets start with just eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner and making sure you keep it balanced with carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, (keep your sodium low and try to keep away for process foods).

Let the change begin!!