What is the importance of it? why should we care about it and how can I achieve it? Well let’s start from the beginning, we are created to move to achieve and to overcome, but over time and “progress and so called evolving” we have gotten less and less active/physical and have gotten more and more stressed out, and very little ways in releasing it, especially though physical activity. Now with the advancement of knowledge and science, we know that we need more then ever to have all three of these positive components in our lives. HEALTH – is the total well-being which includes food and nutrition. FITNESS – involves physical activity or exercise. LIFESTYLE – is how we conduct ourselves though the day and night (habits, work, children, family, friends, and how we sleep and rest including dealing with how we deal with stress).

So here at WESTCOAST LA MUSCLE UNLIMITED, we want to help you make better choices and Create a Lifestyle that is attainable and benefits you in the long run. Enjoy your new journey!