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Deja' Allen

Victor Franklin- Cyrus

Lena Grant

been working with L.A. Muscle and love how they learn my body to help me get the best results

training with Eric for 2 years and i really enjoy being push to acheive my goals for getting healthy for myself and the family.

Westcoast L.A. Muscle Unlimited got me ready for my photo shoot and i look fantastic! i am now in the fitness industry.

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Eddie Rollins

Roxanne Stroska

Shay Best

at 63 years old i always wanted to do a challenge, i did it! they got me to where i want to look like plus now i am more aware about foods and live a more balance lifestyle!

I signed up for my first bikini competition, it was hard work but they kelp me on track, especially "Eric" , who trained me hard. i loved how i looked!

got me in great shape for my photo shoot, training and nutritional knowledge is on point! L.A. Muscle kelp me inspired

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Mary Haynes



i Love training with them, i did a challenge before, and i trained with them and i placed 9th out of 20 thousand women, i am proud of myself and if i have any questions i can always contact them and get an answer

i was 400 plus pounds, i was depress and had low self worth, they work with me and slowly build me up, i got inspire that it only took me 18 months to get down to 162 pounds. Thanks i could have done it without you!

I am a singer/entertainer, Eric got ready to take my photos and i was so pleased with my results that i decide to do a fitness and won my division!

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Nina Nam

Khristal and Karla


They are so knowlegdable, i love their Energy! Eric! you are the best!

We love training with them, they got us ready to compete at the Venice beach show! we had a blast

I had inherted hypertension at the age of 17 , i was on medication for most of my live, i was 33 when the doctor told me that she wasnt going to increase my meds, so i was force to change my lifestyle. in 4 months the doctor had to lower my meds dosage because i was healthier & 1 pill every other day